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 This website is owned by and is run by members of the Tin Benders 4wheel drive club. We are a group of individuals that have interests in extreme rock crawling, coupled with family oriented outdoor activities, although we have been known to host an occasional bender after the kids are in bed. We call the Johnson Valley “Hammer Trails” our home and are committed to building and operating extreme rock crawling 4 wheel drive vehicles through the most challenging trails in the western states. We are also committed to bringing families of wheelers together, educating them on trail etiquette and the reality of having fun in the desert without negatively affecting the environment. We do this as best we can through organized trail runs and positive media attention.

Please check out our website. You will find a bulletin board for sharing information, information about our fund raisers and the event we hold annually in Johnson Valley. You will also find links to pages about our club members, photo albums from our events, our store and more. Speaking of fundraisers, 100% of the proceeds from our events and sales, is used to help fight for fair land use, and keeping trails open.

Thank you for coming out and joining us for our 2013 Jamboree

and MUCH thanks to our sponsors this year for making it happen.


Hope to see you all back next year!
2014 will be our 10th annual!!

until then... we will see you on the trails!